Giving direction to the commercial law practice of Legal Solutions, Ayana Legal was conceptualized to give this sphere the required importance. It is most important that any business receives the needed support in its legal requirement and to that end there should be a refuge on which the business or enterprise relies. Spearheaded by renowned senior lawyer Dr. Rama Iyer, ‘Ayana Legal’ is a consolidation of more than eight decades of legal expertise of the senior lawyers. Upholding the meaning of the name ‘Ayana’, the firm’s inception reiterated the definite intent of delivering seamless legal services in “Corporate Advisory, Commercial Transactions, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration, Real Estate, Intellectual Property Rights and Banking, Start-up Advisory and Media & Entertainment” to a diverse clientele and sustains their success by the manifestation of quality legal advice. Derived from Sanksrit, Hebrew and Arabic, ‘Ayana’ means direction, progress, development, aestheticism of mystical flower, path to success, eye for perfection, ‘well-spring’ of goodwill, and subtly, implies the sanctuary of refuge and dependability.

Adhering to its plethora of connotations, Dr. Rama Iyer and her team of expert lawyers endeavour to provide the services to their clientele to reach new heights of success. Equipped with varied experience across diverse sectors and focused practice areas, the core team of lawyers renders cohesive legal services focusing on timelines and effectiveness. Under Dr. Iyer’s stewardship, Ayana Legal delivers legal strategies that directly sustain the client’s business objectives, compliant with the best practices across the world and highest level of professional ethics. The firm is fully equipped to offer immaculate legal advice that derive ideal solutions and complement realities. The firm also has eminent advisors from various fields who complement and strengthen the firm in its endeavour to provide quality service.

The firm regularly advises leading Conglomerates, Multinational companies, Public Sector Undertakings, Ministries, Industry Experts and Government Authorities. The firm delivers pioneering legal advises that impart a global perspective to major emerging global markets, transactions and mandates. The firm’s commitment and professional conduct inculcates the highest level of integrity, cost effectiveness, proactiveness and responsiveness.

Core Values at Ayana Legal

Each professional at Ayana Legal inculcates the values of the firm and encourages a culture of independent responsibility with team participation. Leadership qualities are developed along with the onus of matchless performance.

  • Ensuring seamless delivery of legal services
  • Imbibing leadership qualities in individuals
  • Motivating innovation
  • Accomplishing firm’s vision with unwavering dedication
  • Upholding consistency in performance